War Child: Batman

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  • Director

    Jeroen Mol

  • Production Company

    In Case of Fire

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  • Song

    'You're My Best Friend'

For young refugees, imaginary worlds and stories are a coping mechanism to escape their grim reality.

For this Batman campaign by NGO War Child, we teamed up with In Case of Fire, Sony and Universal to create a timely and powerful film.

We believe this film has it all: it moves you, it makes you laugh and reflect at the same time.


We were tasked with finding and licensing a song that could highlight the contrast between the hopeful opening scenes of the film and the harrowing ending, which brings out the stronger emotional message.

We had to balance softness with playfulness, morality with friendship to create something hard-hitting that speaks to the heart.


We went on an extensive quest for an artist that would give permission for their track to be used for the film. The song had to be meaningful yet lighthearted at the same time.


Queen embraced the cause, proving their iconic track ‘You’re My Best Friend’ to be the perfect fit for the narrative and the message. That’s when we felt like we were the champions.

The fact that it is a popular melody, known by many, and is still able to be transformed so simply yet effectively into a new context, makes its reinterpretation magically relevant.


Among all, ‘Batman’ won Gold in the category ‘Film Craft, Director’ at Cannes Lions 2017.

Check out the beautiful making of and fall in love with 8-year-old Kadar.

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Emilie Kannekens

Senior Search & Licensing Manager