Volkswagen: Roboboy

Music for Commercials
  • Agency


  • Director

    Ismael ten Heuvel

  • Production Company

    Pink Rabbit

  • In Loving Memory of

    Steven Craenmehr

They say: “Anything you lose comes around in another form”.


For this new Volkswagen ad, we at MassiveMusic Amsterdam were challenged to search the right track and re-record it, so the music would be the cherry on top of an already perfect cake.


We applied our musical knowledge to find a suitable track for this video. Eventually, we landed on ‘Sunny’ by Boney M. That sounded like the right song for a work that involves romance, kids costumes and parties.

Then, we dove into the studio with our beloved Steven Craenmehr, who revisited the song in his own unique style.


The result is an upbeat piece of music, fitting the party theme and incorporating some actual *bleep* sounds from the car. Don’t forget who has the keys, though. They’re always in charge – and the boy in the ad certainly isn’t too happy about that.

Scroll all the way to the top to watch this sweet Volkswagen ad.

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Tom Tukker

Senior Music Producer