Vodafone: Relentless

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Vodafone - Relentless

  • Production Company

    Madam Films

  • Director

    Virgil Ferragut

  • Agency

    Wunderman Thompson

“This track should be truly RELENTLESS.”

When a brief starts like that, you already know it’s going to be a fun project.

For this Vodafone campaign, our London office got all hyped. It sounded like we needed to break a little sweat, so that’s what we did. We switched on our relentless selves and had ‘driving, epicness and bravery’ as keywords to guide us through the whole creative process.


The film is a rollercoaster journey. The accompanying music needed to be just as epic.

This was a challenge in itself – making sure that we sustained the storyline and the musicality of the edit from start to finish.

Another challenge we encountered was the following: how do you find the perfect balance between music, sound design and a voice over spoken in Arabic?

In other words, it needed to be a soundtrack with heaps of variety and attitude. A rollercoaster journey where music supports the narrative.


For us, it was vital that music and sound design worked together harmoniously, with elements supporting each other to elevate the film.

As Jonny Beck, Senior Music Producer at MassiveMusic London, said: “To nail the brief we had to carefully balance the music, sound design and VO as we journey through explosive scenes with a rousing (and truly relentless) momentum.”


To create that perfect harmony, we made sure the track catered to the music and sound design while using pause and space attentively within the composition.

After all, even running coaches say that you should alternate short, high-intensity bursts of activity with periods of rest and recovery in between to run faster than the wind.

Virgil Ferragut, the director of the film, was more than happy with our contribution as well: “With this film, I wanted to capture that same sense of progress and braveness that promotes our audience to always go the extra mile. I believe the music to be 50% of the movie. It blends in perfect harmony with the voice over.”

Mission accomplished, if you ask us.

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Jonny Beck

Music Producer