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2020 turned into a year without stages for artists to showcase their beauty. No festival crowds to fascinate, no concert halls to conquer and no spectators to sweep away. Their art remains unseen.


Who is an artist without their art? Can their art exist without the opportunity to showcase it? The wild imagination of artists and performers needs a platform to be heard, to be seen. 


Therefore, performers, artists, dancers, cultural institutions and filmmakers came together to reveal what has remained in the dark – and not only during this crisis: the importance and diversity of art and culture in our society.


We were challenged to do what we do best: create music. After all, music signals to the world that art can never be silenced. 


We needed to create a piece of music that doesn’t take attention away from the accompanying film that showcases the art itself – as that is the main point here. Giving art the platform it deserves. 


Paying close attention to every single shot, we composed and produced music meant to elevate the emotion that the script of the film intended to convey. We got to delve into the minds of the creators, expressing their most inner ambitions.  


The concept revolves around the unseen, the art that takes place in empty corners and isolated bedrooms – the art that currently cannot be showcased on a platform in this strange moment in time. 


Our fascination with the unseen cannot be ignored. But too often, works that study society’s hidden corners are only raised to the status of artistic relevance if they become mainstream or are examined in hindsight.


That’s where UNSCENE comes in. 


The final product is a gorgeous film that offers a glimpse into the beauty and range of cultural panorama that surrounds us. The eerie music attracts the viewer into the art we cannot see. 


I am a ghost

I am a ghost in the eyes of many


This voiceover with powerful strings behind it gives the film a special kind of high. It explains the idea behind this movie while fitting perfectly into the music and visuals. We don’t want to be the mainstream – we are not dividing between art that’s important and art that’s a mess. 


I’m only lost in the shadows until I’m found, by you 

I will not remain unseen 


In this movie, art doesn’t remain unseen. Luckily, it doesn’t remain unseen in real life anymore either. We can witness its beauty again, all while keeping in mind that there was a time we couldn’t. 

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Shai Hirschson

Global Executive Creative Director