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Let’s lift our glasses to the sky and say ‘cheers’ as loud as we can. Roaring is also allowed.

The Challenge

With this spot being the first in a series of Tiger Beer campaigns, it needed to be great with a capital G. The overall feel needed to fit the idea of ‘disruption and street style’, so that’s what we kept in mind while creating the music. This spot specifically focused on a celebration of street food — because who doesn’t love that?

The Approach

We at MassiveMusic Singapore threw everything we had at it. It turned out to be quite challenging to mix both cacophonous sound design and music with a full voice over.

We worked incredibly closely with both the agency and the Tiger Beer clients to create a savage, joyous mix of street sounds and music. Think pots and pans, the buzzing of traffic and honking of cars.

The Solution

After starting off edgy, the music and sound design of the spot had to seamlessly morph into an urban track. We placed the voice over, performed by Dave Tan, the frontman of the Singapore band ‘Electrico’, bold and centre, guiding the viewer through the world of street food and street sounds.

Drum fills answered the dark sound design, which built into a burst of fire that had a Tiger’s Roar, the brand epithet, woven into the flames. The soundscape then drops into a heavy bass line in an odd time signature, with treated saxophone licks and piano stabs to enhance the surreal journey and further disrupt.

The end result was the ‘Wok Flame mnemonic’ — a burst of flame, combined and blended with a tiger’s roar that is still used on street food campaigns.

All we have to say? Go get ‘em, tiger.

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Ian Lew

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