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The Sound of Validity

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We are all born imperfect. It’s those imperfections that make us unique.

A life motto but also a key message to Validity, the international human rights organisation that uses the law to secure inclusive equality by changing the way entire nations treat mental disabilities.


With Superunion overseeing Validity’s new visual aesthetics, we were tasked with creating the charity’s new sonic identity.
Previously known as MDAC, Validity was keen on using the power of sound to bring about an increased level of brand awareness and engagement. Our job was to captivate through music, honouring the charity’s message of righteousness in an emotionally resonant way.

We brought to life the ancient philosophy of Wabi-Sabi and created a sound that could reflect the art of seeing beauty in the imperfect.
But what are those values and how did we translate them into three sonic territories?


Beauty in Imperfection
We looked for music with interesting layers, an organic feel and a grainy production technique.

Human Identity
An intimate and natural sound builds the core of this territory. Human vocals are used as an additional instrumental layer.

Modern Justice
We looked for music that elicits the feeling of hope and power. This is reflected by a build in the composition and an optimistic feel.

So, how do you create music that represents both the vulnerability of those marginalised by society due to their mental health, while still representing the strength and beauty of those fighting for their rights?

  • Scouring local junk stores, we found our tools and set about bringing them to life. We created a piece of music that was made from a collection of imperfect instruments:
    a worn banjo with a broken string,
  • a guitar with a broken back,
  • a neglected cello with a nasty crack,
  • a piano with missing keys.

Because at the end of the day, all voices should be heard.


Roscoe Williamson, Global Creative Strategy Director at MassiveMusic, comments:
“For this brief, we wanted to create a musical piece full of poignancy and hope using a selection of second hand, damaged instruments. Our composers concentrated on sampling the unusual tones and textures from these instruments to make something unexpectedly beautiful.”

The final result is Validity’s brand theme and sonic logo. Validity can now adapt and use these sonic assets across a multitude of touch points and marketing content to increase brand recall, consistency and emotional engagement.”

Let’s make your brand massive through the power of music and sound.


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Aifric Lennon

Account Director and Research Strategist