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The Sound of UEFA Europa League

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Football is surrounded by songs; the chants and crowd roars that make up any game in turn create a lively and atmospheric backdrop.

Embedding the excitement of a football game into a brand’s anthem requires tapping into the spirit and soul of the players and their fans. Which is what we did when we were called in to collaborate on refreshing the UEFA Europa League’s brand identity ahead of the 2018-2019 season.

Depicting the energy of the stadium, the UEFA Europa League sought our help to create a sonic brand identity that was both vibrant and flexible – one that could match the energy of their visual expression and be adapted across touchpoints.


Since we needed to compose and produce a new brand anthem, due to be played before every game in the upcoming season, it felt right to adopt a goal-oriented approach.

While they wanted to refresh and revive their brand including the sound output, they also wanted a consistent sound that would correspond with the bold and edgy shapes of their look. Their music package had to reflect the brand’s personality, so they tasked us with creating a punchy anthem suited for rallying crowds and inspiring play.

We knew we could deliver something on point.


The goal was to capture the intensity of a game within the anthem’s sound. This would include the highs and the lows, the whoops and the scores, the near misses, the tension and the fan rivalry.

An epic anthem combining orchestral and varied musical accompaniments would reflect the passion embedded in stadiums – and cultivate the same sense of connection, community and union as in the sport.

Created with our team of composers, the anthem was recorded in collaboration with the string section of the Metropole Orkest, the prestigious Dutch jazz and pop orchestra, comprising 30 musicians.

Our producers then remixed the orchestral and vocal layers with electronic beats and synths to create an uptempo style, mimicking a bold and energetic piece where old meets new.


On top of the anthem, we decided to expand our offering into a more extensive music package and created 20 additional versions of the recording. These could then be adapted for different iterations – short bumpers for broadcast loops, team line-ups and match countdowns – available for rollout yet with a clearly distinctive and consistent sound.

“We wanted to bring a feeling of togetherness through the sound, where fans can take ownership of the anthem, much like with their own club chants,” says Hans Brouwer, Founder at MassiveMusic. “It’s an anthem that has a combative feel to it and a football team’s ultimate goal is to win the competition and strive for glory.”


UEFA were overjoyed with the results and the sizable number of sonic adaptations for them to use. After two years of our work forming this identity, they even asked us if renowned violinist David Garrett could re-imagine the official anthem.

‘Symphony Of Silence’ – the newer adaptation – was born during the COVID-19 crisis to convey and represent the emotions inspired by empty football arenas during the pandemic. The whimsical violin version was comforting and drew nostalgia from fans.

It was played before the start of the 2020 UEFA Europa League Final and streamed worldwide to millions of fans.

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‘Best radio and television imaging’ at 2019 BUMA Awards

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