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The sound of Tadawul

    People tend to imagine that the life of a stock broker centres around phones endlessly ringing off the hook, chaotic chatter flooding the air and manic energy pulsing within an enclosed office space as the prospect of securing a financial deal is avidly chased.

    It’s a frenzied medley of clutter, intense testosterone and heightened opportunity – an adrenaline-fuelled container.

    So when Tadawul, the sole stock exchange of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, approached us with a brief to diversify its sound and cultivate a sonic identity that would appeal to global investors, we were all ears.


    The team wanted us to move away from this traditional representation of stock brokers and instead adopt a more approachable brand identity through sound.

    Tadawul instructed us to incorporate its values into the sonic identity, while playing with stereotypical perceptions of the stock exchange – balancing tradition with modernity to reflect the multicultural nature of Saudi.


    In creating the sonic suite for Tadawul, we initially considered what the sound should feel like and where it would be used. They required a combination of long- and short-form sound assets to be rolled out across different touchpoints, including online and events.

    Despite the variety of these uses, the sound had to feel consistent across variations and be easily and instantly recognisable.

    We decided to design something that kept both heritage and innovation at its core, delving into the brand’s influence and weaving that into its sound.

    To create this unique sound, we knew we needed to blend the rush of the global with the lure of the local. We worked with traditional artists and world class composers to create a series of brand themes and sonic identities forming a new musical DNA for the Saudi stock exchange fusing traditional instruments with modern production techniques.

    The assets needed to be distinct yet cohesive. The idea was to create a sonic identity that could connect with existing customers and prospective international investors.

    Using Saudi instruments like the Oud, the Duf and the Manjur, we captured the magic of the region, watermarking bespoke assets and incorporating high-value production.


    We reviewed the recording sessions, refining and crafting the sound until we hit the sweet spot – one that reflected this multifaceted need and provided an accessible sound, rooted in Tadawul’s legacy.

    The resulting sonic assets fit together while also existing as standalone sounds – working together to promote brand recall and allow Tadawul to feel more approachable as a brand overall.

    Let’s make your brand massive through the power of music and sound.


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    Pierre Carnet

    Managing Director at MassiveMusic Dubai