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    After 60 years of recognition on the German market as a synonym for support and simplicity, the German banking giant Sparkasse tasked MassiveMusic Berlin with giving their already iconic sonic logo an expansion. How did we do? We think Fantastisch is the word.


    Sparkasse’s sonic logo has been around for 20 years and is recognised by 94% of people in Germany, while 77% assign it to the right brand. How’s that for a stat?

    Our job was to keep that outstanding recognition while simultaneously infusing it with modernity, key concepts of support, warmth and stability, as well as making the identity more malleable for the diverse uses and platforms of Sparkasse.

    Last but not least, the brand wanted to transcend its motto:
    “Because it’s about more than money”.


    In the ever-changing world, orientation and support in the present and in the future are a priority for Sparkasse. In Germany, the brand has an omnipresent reputation of a trustworthy financial partner from the core of society.

    With our data and research teams, we looked for musical motifs and mechanisms that embody support and simplicity.

    Focussing on the key concepts and keeping in mind the pristine heritage of the brand, we moulded an adaptable and modern sonic identity to project ‘The Sound of Support’.


    A tranquil, underlying harmonic foundation in a major key that evokes joy and receptiveness. A warm, plucky bass and a simple, yet unique rhythm that acts as a stage for the pièce-de-résistance; the same melody every German has heard for the last 20 years, but with a new, modern twist.

    Sparkasse’s sonic ecosystem is now more adaptable than ever. The combination of new sonic brand assets and a thorough refurbishment of existing ones makes the branding seamlessly transferable to all of Sparkasse’s endeavours, from events and TikTok to the hotline and UI/UX, linking all touchpoints to exhibit support on every level.

    If you ever get asked “What does support sound like?”, well, you can safely show them the Sound of Sparkasse.

    Let’s make your brand massive through the power of music and sound.


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    Bastian Rolle

    Account Director