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The Sound of Randstad

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Human resources: these two words say it all. For companies like Randstad, a global leader in the HR services industry, everything has to have that ‘human touch’, and the way they sound is no different.

When they came to visit us, Randstad already knew how important sonic branding is, as the brand has a strong history in sound as part of their brand expression. Yet, with their new brand proposition ‘Human Forward’, it was time to have a new voice in music, something memorable that would trigger recall and empower the brand even more.


The brief was clear: “We want to give life to an ownable sound that can go along with the repositioning of our brand”. A sound that conveys authenticity and emotion, expresses their roots in humanity and forges a direct emotional connection with their team members (39,000 in 39 countries) and customers across the globe.

These were the premises we had when we set out to create The Sound of Randstad, a sonic identity that brings consistency and cohesiveness across all external and internal touchpoints: online, TV, events, social media, ringtones and hold music on their phone lines.


Every step was made extremely carefully: instrumentation, voices, lyrics. We kick-started our creative process in research, providing insights and highlighting future trends. We then dove into their sonic DNA, emerging with a sonic logo: 5-note and 9-note variations were made for different contexts and content types. We also worked on an entire suite of ownable assets, culminating in the Randstad brand anthem.

The anthem is a contemporary pop song with heart and drive, a duet sung from two perspectives, male and female, uniting to embark on an adventure together. The duet gradually widens out to a larger choir, representing Randstad itself. A lyrical story about discovering your true potential, determination and inner-strength.


Luc van Stiphhout, Global Director of Clients at MassiveMusic, says: “The overall sound aesthetic needed to feel human and empathetic, with just a hint of technology. The final anthem is the perfect blend of Randstad’s brand values and proposition, whilst also being optimistic, full of determination and drive.”

Joost Schriever, Global Director Marketing at Randstad, comments: “I’m very proud of our anthem. We call it an anthem and not just a song because it’s much more than that: it’s the musical DNA of the Randstad brand. It will have a long life and be used across a myriad of applications.”

Listen to it here: ​​

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