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The Sound of PARA SPORT

    It Starts with Sport.

    That is the brand positioning of the PARA SPORT brand, created to support Para sport initiatives and enable Paralympic athletes to achieve sporting excellence. When a brand is all about inclusivity, it makes sense to communicate with all senses, creating a holistic experience that can be enjoyed both visually and through sound.

    With a campaign film from adam&eveDDB that charters the range of sport participation, we were tasked with creating a sound identity that was both inclusive and inviting. It had to match the visuals as well as enhance and elevate PARA SPORT’s mission of supporting athletes with varied impediments in achieving excellence through music and sound.

    The Challenge

    Sound is one of the first senses we develop as humans – it’s crucial in helping us understand and traverse the world. We listen in 360: sound surrounds us from all angles and it serves for useful navigation. Our ears are always open and by the way, did you know we respond to sound cues 20% faster than visual ones?

    In the creation of PARA SPORT’s sonic identity, we honed the brand’s core values and its intention of attracting a range of people with disabilities into sport, and focused on the importance of creating something that would be easily accessible to everyone. 

    The challenge? To create a dynamic sound that weaved in storytelling elements and built out an immersive experience suitable for all to dive into.

    The Approach

    To bring this experience to life, we had to think holistically. 

    Using modern sonic techniques and playing with ambisonic mixes allowed us to create a new dimension within the listening experience.

    The piece syncs the athletes’ journey to music, capturing their adrenaline and energy as it builds throughout the sporting activity. We layered orchestral scores with real-life sports SFX sounds to authentically catapult listeners into the heart and minds of the athletes. 

    Audience cheers, blowing whistles and heavy breathing were interspersed throughout the space to create the sensation of being in the race and among the crowd.

    The Solution

    The brand anthem we came up with takes listeners through the race.

    The sound of a firing gun marks the beginning of PARA SPORT’s sonic journey, echoing the tension released at the start of any sporting game.

    Halfway through, as the music pares back, listeners are presented with a moment of reflection that reflects the athlete’s internalised process. 

    The crescendo at the end represents crossing the finishing line and completing the competition, while the steady claps throughout, functioning as a backbeat, reveal the audience’s unwavering support.


    We wanted to get listeners to stand in the shoes of Paralympic athletes, to be able to understand and experience their sporting journey.

    Since the sonic identity’s launch in May 2022, PARA SPORT has excelled in connecting with sportspeople with different physical demands to encourage them into sports and varied activities. Just like its intention, the experience serves to prove that sport can be inclusive and available to all.

    Let’s make your brand massive through the power of music and sound.


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    Sacha Stoffers

    Director of Partnerships