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The Sound of OBI

What would building, fixing and constructing sound like if they had their own soundtrack?

When OBI, Germany’s largest hardware brand, approached us asking for a holistic sonic brand identity, we knew that this would be the DIY project of a lifetime.

As a brand, OBI stands for ‘Alles Machbar’, which means ‘everything is possible’. They position themselves as the hardware store for the future, combining DIY and craft with the modern and digital lifestyle of their consumers.

So we rolled up our sleeves, pulled out our toolkit and started crafting.

The Challenge

For the Sound of OBI, we needed to create a sonic identity that included a sonic DNA track and a flexible system of assets to cover multiple touchpoints within the OBI universe. 

This was a particularly important aspect, since they needed it to work for both the brand’s mainstream and all of their substreams, which are dedicated to different target audiences. Think of it as a song that has to appeal to both Beyoncé as well as Hans Zimmer fans – difficult but, with some MassiveMusic magic sprinkled over it, not impossible. 

It’s no easy task to create a sonic branding system that, in these times of fragmented consumer target audiences, is flexible yet coherent and recognisable across a brand’s universe. Plus, OBI wanted something that would truly ignite the brand through sound. 

The Approach

Since their brand stands for endless possibilities, their sonic identity had to be innovative, bold and engaging. Something that motivates the listeners and gives them an empowering feeling as well as a sense of celebration. After all, who doesn’t love to see the end result of their hard work? 

So, together with sound artists and instrument builders (pun intended), we started recording the sound of DIY using OBI’s hardware products as digital instruments, sampling over 100 sounds as the foundation of OBI’s ownable yet flexible sonic ecosystem. Think hammering, drilling, sawing and much more. Crafty, right?

The Solution

1 sound logo and 3 brand anthems, delivered in 36 modules with different moods and genres that can be mixed and matched, creating a unique sonic branding experience that enables everyone to build their own soundtrack. 

That’s what we call a successful DIY project. 

Together, the sonic package creates an encompassing ecosystem for the OBI universe that is both recognisable and flexible to be adapted across all touchpoints.


Check out the case film above and hear it for yourself.

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Shai Hirschson

Global ECD