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    ING’s purpose of empowering people to stay ahead in life and in business is nothing new. They’ve been doing it since 1762 by creating savings accounts for the masses, helping millions buy their own homes and supporting start-ups and global business through the best, and worst, of times.

    ING sees banking as an activity that enables people to ‘do their thing’, whatever that might be – making the fun stuff (and the everyday stuff) easy.


    Together with the introduction of ING’s brand positioning ‘do your thing’, the bank moved towards one global visual identity. MassiveMusic was asked to create a holistic sonic identity that tied the brand together globally and was able to be adapted locally.


    We at MassiveMusic worked with all ING markets to create bespoke music for their ATL campaigns while simultaneously populating the global ING music library. Global assets like event music, podcast sounds and call center waiting music needed to be produced with different kinds of stakeholders across the business.

    We at MassiveMusic started creating a new sound that highlighted ING’s digital-first approach. We began with building a rhythmic logo, centred around the drum and bass guitar. By doing a characteristic slide on the bass guitar, a motion that is not replicable in digital instruments, we created a ‘roar’ sound that also formed a base for the UI assets.


    ING’s final package includes nothing less than a brand new sonic identity, a rhythmic sonic logo, UI sounds, a branded music library of +40 ING tracks, an ING-branded sample pack for producers, live event and webinar music, music optimised for radio spots, call centre waiting music and loopable music modules for long-form content.

    Oh, and (get ready for a humblebrag) did we mention we also got the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra to play it live for the launch? That was definitely one of the highlights we experienced while working on this.

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