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    Haleon, the British healthcare company, is on a mission. After rebranding from GSK Consumer Healthcare to Haleon, their new purpose has become ‘delivering better everyday health for humanity’.

    From vitamins and supplements to respiratory and digestive health, Haleon’s leading brands are built on science and human understanding – which is what stands at the heart of its values.

    “How can we translate this into music?”, they asked.


    The biggest challenge was building the conceptual approach. We wanted to make The Sound of Haleon something inclusive and representative of what Haleon does as a company, so we deep dove into its values and started crafting.

    The concept of humanity was important to include, so we started thinking about ways to make the brand anthem and sonic logo something that resonates with everyone – literally, figuratively and musically.


    What is a better way to make everyone feel included than simply… yes, you guessed it, include everyone?

    After coming up with multiple options for the sonic logo, we decided on recording the actual voices of Haleon employees. Nothing can be more unique, human and reflective of what Haleon stands for than having the people behind the brand collaborate on this project.

    We set up an online competition where we asked every employee to record their voice against the set notes of the Haleon anthem. We then incorporated 340 voices into the final brand anthem and sonic logo.

    On top of that, we wanted to invoke the confidence of a marching band with a steady kick and a snare beat, and added some percussion to fill the spaces between. A gritty bass helped drive energy and warmth, while a low brass in the outro created an even bolder presence and energy.


    A core rallying cry that represents humanity.
    Crafted together with the humans behind the brand.

    The Sound of Haleon is a stirring, soaring melody that puts humanity at the heart of it. Elevated with warm human claps and piano notes to create that acoustic and authentic feel, the final result is designed to stand out.

    The sonic logo consists of a 3-note vocal melody that represents Haleon’s togetherness and differentiates them from competitors. The longer brand anthem exists to represent Haleon’s values and tell the brand’s story through sound.

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