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The Sound of Cornetto

    Cornetto, the ice cream known by millions around the world. At MassiveMusic we make our living connecting brands, bands and fans, so when Cornetto asked us to do exactly that we were more than happy to help.

    Plus, who doesn’t love ice cream?


    Developing a memorable and recognisable sonic identity that teenagers would embrace was our main focus. Yet, we had a few questions…

    Firstly, teenagers are allergic to brands trying too hard to be their friends. So how could we get into their hearts with the Cornetto story?

    Secondly and most importantly, would it be possible to get a lifetime supply of ice cream delivered to our Amsterdam office?


    Instead of making a sonic logo, we made a real song written by real artists and called it ‘I’m in Love’. A simple and catchy summertime anthem that teenagers could relate to.


    The song is a love story (if you couldn’t already tell by the title) and, more precisely, a story of three.

    Three because the Cornetto product journey has three stages: Diving In, Enjoying the Ride and Loving The Ending.


    1. The fact that the campaign was actually shot to our song made the film feel more like a music video than an ice cream commercial
    2. We worked with artists as distribution channels, allowing the campaign to reach local audiences through radio airplay and artist performances
    3. The ‘I’m In Love’ brand anthem took on a life of its own, with many teenagers creating their own versions of it
    4. The power of the simple yet contagious 3-note melody was that it could stay fresh forever through new songs; so fresh that Cornetto reused it the following summer in their new campaign

    Wondering how we reactivated it for Cornetto’s other summer campaign? Follow this link.

    Let’s make your brand massive through the power of music and sound.


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    Luc van Stiphout

    Global Director of Clients & Partners