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    The North Face often has documentary-style campaign videos. This campaign for their Spring & Summer ‘22 Collection leans towards a contemporary approach, and we were more than excited to create the musical score behind it.

    The Challenge

    Otherworldly, yet organic. Simultaneously alien and human. That perfectly describes the new spot for The North Face, an outdoor clothing company originally from the United States, but known all over the world.

    Our main challenge was to craft a composition that could enhance the protagonists’ voice-over and extend the imaginary and alien world of the film, while feeling organic, human and relatable at the same time.

    We needed to accompany the otherworldly and surreal visual narrative, but not make things too alien.

    The Approach

    The concept of the film revolves around ‘No Time, No Space’. Overlaid by 3D scans, the protagonists land in a surreal nature landscape reminiscent of another planet, which leaves them to limitless exploration – in case you’re wondering whether the ‘Never Stop Exploring’ slogan fits in.

    Similar to the mirrors in the film, we reflected on ourselves and our work to make this composition reach spatial heights. The volcanic landscapes of Lanzarote offered the perfect opportunity to create stunning visuals and sounds, so we decided to use actual recordings from this environment to create the sound design. Think wind noises and footsteps, but also original field recordings of the NSE collection jackets in the outdoor environment, all translated into music.

    The Solution

    The final result is an ambient-electronic composition that works in perfect harmony with the sound design. Defined by an abstract, glitchy and intricately layered aesthetic, the composition builds a world of its own and helps push the visual storytelling to another level.

    Check out the video at the top of this page to join us in our journey to outer space (rhyme very intended).


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