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The Tampon Book

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We pay 19% taxes on tampons but just 7% on truffles – Wait what?

That is exactly why The Female Company decided to end this nonsense with a powerful statement for which MassiveMusic composed a rebellious soundtrack.

Did you know that some governments earn 467.832.960 euros a year on the tampon tax?

In Germany, for example, up until a few years ago, tampons, sanitary pads and other feminine hygiene products were still considered ‘luxury goods’ and therefore taxed with the top value rate of 19%.

Meanwhile, actual luxury products such as flowers, truffles or oil paintings are just taxed at 7%.

How could this be stopped?

Since books are taxed with a reduced rate of just 7%, The Female Company found a loophole to outsmart the system and included 15 organic tampons in The Tampon Book.


So, how to translate this message into a powerful sound?
The music had to be fierce and empowering. Something that energises you and makes you feel your most authentic self the moment you listen to it.

Yet, we didn’t want to sound cliché.


We thought that repeated drums could remind the listeners of marching music.

And it was a good metaphor for the project too: we won’t stop until things change.


The Tampon Book is a protest against tax discrimination, and so is the music we created for this project.

UPDATE: We’re glad to announce that on 7 November 2019, the German government voted on the Annual Tax Act which resulted in tampons (and other female sanitary products) now being taxed 7%.

It’s official and written on paper: auf Wiedersehen 19%. It’s been bloody painful but we freaking made it.

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Friso Hoekstra

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