Shiseido x TikTok: #PassTheStick

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Shiseido x TikTok: #PassTheStick

    When Japanese skincare brand Shiseido told us about the launch of its new sunscreen stick, we were intrigued to say the least.


    Keen to promote the product across TikTok, the sunscreen suppliers wanted us to create accompanying music that would mirror the stick’s versatility and encourage new users to test it out.


    We gathered a team of music creatives and put ourselves to work.

    The track had to embody the summer – feel alive, sound playful and present a light-hearted frolicking sensation. It had to be shareable so that if a segment of the music was cut into, it wouldn’t affect its replay.


    We created two different versions of the track, because good things come, at least, in pairs:

    • The 15” track to be used as a traditional ad
    • The 30” track to be used by TikTok creators to showcase their brand new sunscreen protection

    The high-octane track gives full sunshine energy, while remaining catchy enough to hum all day long.

    With lyrics subtly weaved in, subliminally encouraging sunscreen application – ‘Swipe It’ jumps out a few times throughout the track – it’s a fun way to remember the importance of lathering up.

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