Sennheiser: Primal

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Sennheiser: Primal

    No dialogue, no voice over, only the sound of wildlife and music to set the scene.

    Sennheiser’s newest campaign brought nature to sound. A chance to experience the sounds of the environment through the world of Dolby Atmos and Sennheiser’s newest soundbar. Take the opportunity to be teleported to the savannas and get back in touch with your primal instincts.


    Sennheiser took charge to capture nature in its clearest definition. Our job was to match that sound through an amazing soundtrack that worked to support the animals on scene while bringing out the crispness of Sennheiser’s audio quality.

    The challenge? To create a balanced and serene track that would bring the absolute most of the soundbar in fully Atmos audio.

    We asked our producers and sound engineers to compose the audio experience and Berlin’s Studio Funk to add the Dolby Atmos mixing magic.


    The technique was to keep it simple and to support the sound design, the story and the animals. The least gives you the most.

    We laid out peaceful piano chords highlighting shots of the horizon, backed with a modular textural synth that manages to space you out.

    Of course, knowing us, we knew we wanted a climax in the track. For that, nothing beats the sound of a classical piece, so we brought out Erik Satie’s Gymnopodie no.1 and re-recorded it to ascend the listener to the next level.


    For us at MassiveMusic, it might be tough not to go a little crazy on our soundtracks, but this time we had to bring out a simple, peaceful approach to highlight the sonic experience of nature and the Sennheiser sound bar.

    The sounds of nature, the quality of the recording, the incredible surround sound and our orchestral score: all of the ingredients together to provide one of the very best sounding experiences out there.

    Did we succeed? Experience it yourself and let us know how roarsome it is.


    We at MassiveMusic love the sound of this film, but you don’t need to take it from us. ‘Primal’ won 🥇 GOLD 🥇 at the 2022 Edi awards in the ‘Branded Storytelling/Fiction’ category. Held by the SWISSFILM ASSOCIATION, the award stands for high quality in filmmaking and outstanding productions.

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    Auke Riemersma

    Senior Music Producer