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Amsterdam: is it a city or a state of mind?

The Dutch fashion label Scotch & Soda sees its teams exploring the places named Amsterdam outside of the Netherlands – ending up as far away from home as the Arctic.

This is how we pay homage to the free-thinking nature of our hometown.


Scotch & Soda asked us to compose a track with a suitable spoken word artist for Scotch & Soda’s latest fashion campaign ‘From Amsterdam, From Everywhere’.

The challenge was to find a voice and personality that would fit the style of Scotch & Soda and that could deliver the message combining spoken word, singing and rap lines.

More importantly, the voice needed to embody not only the spirit of Amsterdam but also the look and feel of the clothing collection.


The campaign was inspired by various ‘Amsterdams’ all around the world, as the name ‘Amsterdam’ doesn’t only stand for the capital of the Netherlands. It’s also the name of different cities – from Africa to the United States.

After an extensive voice search and briefing of multiple composers, we teamed up with a renowned Dutch rapper and famous spoken word artist from the Kyteman Orchestra.

He reflected and conveyed the right emotion and message to the storyline, as it was really about setting a theatrical atmosphere. We proudly produced a fully original composition with a speech and a song at the same time – exactly as Amsterdam, embodying both a city and a state of mind.


The final result is nothing short of unique. For the ‘From Amsterdam, From Everywhere’ final track, we have chosen to go down an unconventional and innovative road by combining music with vocals, rap lines and spoken word – a combination which is rarely heard nowadays.

The lyrics and music breathe together without overruling the breathtaking shots from the most remote places around the world. In addition, all the voice over recordings were done in-house along with the client, in order to create that extra musical spark.

Fun fact: for the film, the brand chose Amsterdam in the Arctic Ocean, an island only reachable by an 18-hour boat ride, as the spot’s main location.

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