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    For the first time ever in the entire world, MassiveMusic Sydney created a project that combined music, science, sports psychology and famous Australian artists.

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    The Tokyo Olympic games are like no other. However, with the recent pandemic forcibly leaving crowds, friends and family at home, Olympic athletes faced an unfamiliar lack of support in the biggest sporting event of their careers. Samsung and Optus wanted to show their support for Australian athletes and asked us to explore how music could help improve athletes performance.


    The hardest part was getting an understanding of how music can affect sporting performance. MassiveMusic Sydney conducted scientific research and tested selected athletes to optimise our process and choice of music.

    Through this research and academic consultation on the effect of music on the key physical and mental components of peak performance, they devised a compositional process for writing bespoke music tracks. Each track could be tailored to an athlete and their event in four ways:

    1. Scientific (brainwave entrainment)
    2. Mechanical (rhythmic synchronisation)
    3. Personal (favourite artists, genres and mantras)
    4. Musical (harmony, instrumentation, structure)

    The process was tested on three elite amateur athletes, where the effects of the bespoke music was measured on physical performance, heart rate, oxygen intake and neurological mapping. These results were used during the composition and recording of tracks for the actual Olympic athletes.

    A key part that we cannot forget to mention is that we secured famous Australian artists as vocalists on the tracks. We managed to secure Ian Kenny (Karnivool), Jordi Davieson (San Cisco), Alex the Astronaut and Sheppard to perform.


    After testing the entire process on three elite amateur athletes, we finally started to compose and record tracks for our Olympic athletes.

    We now know the effects of our bespoke music on physical performance, heart rate, oxygen intake and neurological mapping — if you don’t know what these mean, just take our word for it. They’re important.

    Oh and we also composed Performance Enhancing Music, multiple tracks for Olympians to use pre-event to help them achieve peak performance.

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