Rituals: The Tradition of Giving

Bespoke Music
Music for Commercials
  • Agency & Production Company

    New Amsterdam Film Company

  • Director

    Eva Midgley

Feeling overwhelmed? Time to recharge with this beautiful Rituals Cosmetics campaign directed by Eva Midgley in collaboration with New Amsterdam Film Company.


The brief was to create a modern, calming track with hints to classical music.


The piece switches between the extended C minor scale and the C Dorian scale, which creates different moods – but this is a bit too nerdy so we won’t bore you. Oh wait, we did already.

What was great about this project was that, although we often get requests on releasing a song, with this spot it was more than usual. The audience asked for it.

That’s why, together with Rituals and director Eva Midgley, we decided to release a full-length version of the track.


A pure, emotional, dreamy and piano-based song to capture the fairy-tale like feeling of the video. Everything was done in-house from the composing to the producing and recording.

Want some more? Check the behind the scenes or listen to ‘Flowing’ on Spotify

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Tom Tukker

Senior Music Producer