Pokémon x OREO: Limited Edition Cookies

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Pokémon x OREO Limited Edition Cookies

    Gotta eat ‘em all.

    For their 25th anniversary, Pokémon teamed up with the delicious cookie brand Oreo to create a limited edition campaign that would have fans running to grocery stores to try and collect ‘em all.


    Through an animated video, viewers were asked to go on a journey with the trainers as they tried to capture Pikachu.

    A high-energy video needs high-energy music, though.

    That’s when MassiveMusic Los Angeles stepped in. We asked ourselves: “How do you create a track that lives both in the Pokémon world and in the real world?”

    But, how do you create a track that lives both in the Pokémon world and in the real world?


    We discovered that Oreo’s black and white cookie, Pokémon’s black and white video and our black and white synth keys fit perfectly together.

    With the help of world-class and MassiveMusic Tokyo’s in-house composers, we rolled up our sleeves and started creating, keeping up with the animation and its shifts, also mirrored in the music.


    Press play and let yourself be blown away by the result: an authentic, high-energy track that conveys the intensity of a chase.

    One that screams nostalgia for the original Pokémon series (crushed 8bit tones and video game feels, anyone?) while standing on its own.

    A one-of-a-kind project, as we brought several offices together.

    Now, let’s continue the chase. First one to catch Pikachu wins.

    Let’s elevate your story through the power of music and sound.


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    Shez Mehra

    Head of Partnerships