Oreo: Home Sweet Home

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  • Agency

    The Martin Agency

  • Director

    Dave Meyers

  • Production Company

    Radical Media

What’s better than a family party?

Right. A party with superstar Becky G, some fire beats and a bunch of Oreos to share.

For this campaign, which broke during the Latin Grammy Awards, the most famous sandwich cookie goes Latino.


Oreo approached MassiveMusic New York and asked if we could write a killer (but playful) reggaeton track to feature Becky G. The hit had to work in three different languages.

That wasn’t all. Keith Haluska, Managing Director at MassiveMusic New York, adds: “It was all about getting the right sounds that matched this wildly popular singer’s style. In a 30-second or 1-minute format, there’s no time for the usual reggaeton build-up. We had to convince the audience much faster.”


We headed to the studio and eagerly took the chance to compose a reggaeton-infused beat, a fun track that would embody the sense of togetherness and belonging. As Becky G is known for ranging from reggaeton and pop to R&B, we had to ensure the track was all that and more.


The end result is nothing short of amazing, if you ask us.

The campaign celebrates the importance of family and music in the Hispanic culture, with Becky G surrounded by her sister, two brothers, parents and both sets of grandparents, singing a new song made especially for Oreo, composed by us.

There are not one, not two, but three versions of the commercial: English, Spanish and Spanglish – because why keep one language when you can mix two? After all, Oreo works as a great metaphor for connection.

We really couldn’t help it. With original lyrics from a Billboard top 100 artist like her, we had to hit the sweet spot.

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