Nissan Z: Escape

Music for Commercials
Sound Design
  • Agency

    Spinifex Group, LA

  • Director

    Damian Fulton

Drivers, please turn on your engines. Wait for the lights to turn off.

Ready, set, go.


Motor enthusiasts around the world have eagerly awaited the launch of the seventh generation of the Nissan Z. Due to pandemic restrictions, no live events could take place and films were produced instead.

Simon Kane, Sound Designer at MassiveMusic Sydney, stepped up to create the sound of the car as it drove through suburban and urban streets. They couldn’t have asked someone better — Simon is a former professional race car driver himself.


We approached the project with a fresh mind, our cars ready to go and our racing suits zipped up to the top. Since you can drive Nissan’s new car anywhere – to the supermarket, but also on the race track – it was key to convey these two completely different personalities in the music itself.

During the slower suburban scenes with the yellow Z, we used softer sounds to make everything sound more sophisticated. Yet, at the same time, the music playing underneath has an edginess to it that tells you ‘all is not what it may appear to be’.

During the faster urban scenes with the blue Z, we decided to go for harsher and more aggressive sounds. Those, together with cinematic impacts and fast cuts, lets you know just how powerful this car can be.

There were only two prototypes in the world and given the lockdown restrictions, we couldn’t go out into the field to listen and record the actual sounds. This meant starting from scratch — you can’t always start from pole position.


The result is a slow buildup that, once you press the start button of the car, explodes into a fast-paced piece of music. Conveying the speed of the new Nissan, the sensation is similar to going from zero to a hundred in under a second. Real engine sounds then turn into the slower music to convey how smooth this car can be too.

The two worlds cut back and forth, gathering momentum until the final climax where they come together.

After the release, the online response was overwhelmingly positive. Motor enthusiasts were ecstatic and the launch was widely covered in the media..

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