Mr Sheen: Flies Again

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*bops head* Another one fights the dust.

This is how it goes if you clean your house with Mr Sheen, a brand of cleaning materials, mainly floor and furniture polish, created in Australia back in the days.


Let’s tap into some cathode ray tube nostalgia with the return of its mascot who starred in campaigns during the 80s, still on a mission to banish dust from UK homes.

Thanks to Havas and Generator Films, we were tasked with taking the original theme song from the 50s and reinventing it to fit in today’s media and cultural landscape.


Now if you think of the media landscape in the 50s versus today’s media landscape, there’s quite a big difference. That didn’t stop us from trying, and the result is exactly how we wanted it to be.


We came up with a new contemporary sonic logo and additional music production to match the film. With the message ‘Mr Sheen is back’ even we got the sudden inspiration to start cleaning our houses.

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Robby Stone

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