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    Imagine you are a young, promising composer and you get a massive opportunity to compose music for an interactive environment (let’s say a website). It’s awesome, it’s great, congratulations. Now you’re in the same boat as web developers. Meet and greet.


    However, you soon notice they speak a different language. Coding language, most likely. You have no clue. The web developers seem confused by any chord structure you mention. How is that one button on the website ever going to know how to trigger that major chord lift you came up with?

    That’s where the whole idea of developing MMorph came along.

    MMorph solves the communication gap between these two different worlds.


    To prove ourselves, we made a demo with real composers and real coders to show what we (and you) can achieve with it.
    Creative technologist Owen Hindley, interactive music developers Reactify and design studio Grotesk collaborated with us to create the MMorph site which utilises Enzien Audio’s Heavy technology.

    The MMorph demo site showcases just a few ways in which the tool can adapt any form of music and sound for unique online experiences. The world-first workflow, which underpins the site, is designed to increase creative flexibility and substantially save project time.

    The showcase site features modern SVG animation techniques and a number of real-time interactive features that the user can control with their smartphone, mouse or touchpad. Remixing, live effects, synth lines and epic breakdowns all become part of the user’s seamless musical journey.


    MMorph is truly an adventure into new ways of delivering interactive music in the browser and beyond.

    MassiveMusic’s Global Creative Strategy Director Roscoe Williamson explains what was the rationale behind it: “The workflow behind the demo site opens up an infinite amount of creative possibilities in the world of interactive media, music and sound. As the web moved from Flash to HTML5 we realised that a lot of audio flexibility had been lost; we’ve aimed to address this and then add a whole world of possibility.”

    He adds: “We want interactive production companies, brands and advertising agencies to be able to be more creative and engaging with music. Music is a hugely powerful tool and the possibilities of what you can now do with it as a result of the workflow are pretty much endless – you’re only limited by your imagination.”

    Creative Technologist Owen Hindley, who has worked on interactive projects for brands including Google, Xbox and Mercedes-Benz, adds: “Working in this way is going to let us be a lot more flexible and a lot more expressive when it comes to interactive audio and music for games, online, installations or VR. The exact same method can translate audio to run in the Unity or Unreal engines via FMOD, or in pure C for iOS, OS X, JUCE, OpenFrameworks and more.”

    Want to see MMorph in action? Check the video above or head to


    MMorph was nominated for The FWA Site of the Year 2016 and the People’s Choice Award.

    Let’s make your brand massive through the power of music and sound.


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    Roscoe Williamson

    Global Creative Strategy Director