Mercedes-Benz: Ugly Xmas Sweater

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Mercedes-Benz - Ugly Xmas Sweater

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XMAS time in COVID times: quite a peculiar thing, isn’t it?

At this time of the year, ugly Xmas sweaters are usually all the rage – and the streets of Berlin are no different.


When MassiveMusic Berlin got the brief to re-create a masterpiece such as Janis Joplin’s ‘Mercedes Benz’ track, this re-confirmed the creative awesomeness that is antoni, the lead agency for Mercedes-Benz.

The task was simple yet a milestone in the many re-creations of this classic piece.


From the first call with antoni and Director Anton Tammi (The Weeknd, Likke Li – just to name a few), we came up with the idea of taking a simple Tom Waits’ sounding piano, and throwing sultry character voices on top.

The characters in the spot were really well cast, and portray average Janes and Joes.

We were tasked to find the best voices for each actor and actress on set; voices that have elements of desperation in their voices, but are also able to sing well.


The result? An amazing palette of well-suited and talented singers who could embody our characters, and bring this film to life.

We tried our best to channel and envision all the fireplaces and Xmas stockings from all across the world into your living room, enforcing the fact that, although everyone may want a Mercedes Benz this Xmas, the ultimate gift is health.

That’s exactly what the somewhat melancholic protest lyrics aim to convey: to be (more) grateful for what we (hopefully) have: our health.

Wish for things that matter, not for things that don’t.

Let’s elevate your story through the power of music and sound.


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shai Hirshson

Global Executive Creative Director