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    Erik Eijgenstein

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    Holy Fools

Every summer has its own story. And most of the time it’s one you don’t expect.
McDonald’s decided to surprise unsuspecting fans who were waiting for food in the comfort of their cars with private concerts by their favourite artists.


“What would you like with your Happy Meal? A pop song or a singer-songwriter song?”

That is certainly a question you would never expect to hear when ordering at the drive-thru.
For ‘Summer Surprises’, McDonald’s’ latest commercial, our artist partnerships department helped find the perfect musicians for unexpected backseat concerts.


We ordered a burger with some fries and a milkshake on the side – you know, just for scientific purposes, and went through the music industry white pages, using our network to find the best musical options for the commercial.
“We looked for Dutch credible artists whose fan base overlapped with the consumers of the brand,” comments Emilie Kannekens, Senior Search & Licensing Manager at MassiveMusic Amsterdam.


The final result is a McNificent collaboration between singer-songwriter Miss Montreal and pop singer Wulf, who proved they could keep their working chemistry alive after the release of their duet single ‘Scared of Love’ in 2019.

Now, place your order and don’t forget to order a side of music along with it.

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Emilie Kannekens

Senior Search & Licensing Manager