Mango x Simon Miller: The Escapade

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    Tom Dream

What do you get when you mix orchestral instruments, retro vibes and Greek instruments?


When Barcelona-born clothing brand Mango decided to collaborate with LA-based lifestyle brand Simon Miller, they required a bespoke track that was just as stylish as their outfits. Immediately, we stepped into our music shoes and started crafting.

For the commercial film, they asked us to combine a dreamy, contemporary retro aesthetic with a movie trailer-like score and a touch of Greekness. This led us to the main challenge – how do we marry all these influences together in a way that makes sense, carries the story and doesn’t feel like we’re trying a little too hard? How do we combine movie trailer dramatics with dreamy mediterranean vibes?

Behind the camera we had Tom Dream, a Margate-based director known for his work with brands such as Gucci and The North Face and artists such as Arlo Parks and Celeste. His top-notch work made us step up our game too – working with him was certainly a dream come true (predictable pun, we know).


We started by composing an orchestral piece around the narrative of the film, using real set recordings of the singer who’s in the film. Once we had that as a baseline, we added some 80s synths and Greek bouzouki – a member of the long-necked lute family music instruments. Google it, doesn’t that look cool?

Then, we started playing around with effects and sound design to give the music the right tone of voice and truly make it come alive. Like adding jewellery to an outfit.


The result is a film that combines retro vibes with a dramatic movie trailer-like score. Using set recordings in the music and sound design – such as ticking against glass, the actual voice of the singer and the horn of the boat – we managed to make the track come alive.

Ready to dive into the world of fashion, summer vibes and Greek influences? Scroll to the top of the page and check out the film.

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