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‘Everybody Loves Boobs’ is an awareness campaign by Argentina’s Breast Cancer Help Movement MACMA, which stands for ‘Movimiento Ayuda Cáncer de MAma’.

With this movie, the Argentinian NGO aims to bypass censors by replacing nipples with mouths, in response to social media companies (e.g. Facebook and Instagram) blurring images of female nipples even in posts meant as instructive videos for giving yourself a breast exam.

But, most importantly, it aims to give them a voice to raise awareness towards this silent plague that affects almost 1.7 million women per year worldwide.


“Hey, what would a band of talking breasts sound like?” is a once in a career call.

‘Everybody Loves Boobs’ is one of those commercials that will make you laugh first and think right after.

The music needed to instantly capture people’s attention but also probe women to self-examine their boobs and donate towards the MACMA’s cause.


For this ad – which features boobs of all colours, sizes and ages, including a woman who’s had a mastectomy, we experimented with a number of different tones of voices and pace to find the right fit.

We also wrote the lyrics for the English version. Lyrics that don’t miss the chance to make a point, even if they seem light and humorous when you hear them for the first time.

The campaign had to weave in many contradictory voices so that the viewer would ultimately land on the campaign’s message as the truth and crux of the song.

The ultimate goal was to make the ad even more memorable.


“We couldn’t have been happier to be able to compose music for such an important cause. To work on something that is humorous and bizarre, with such a talented team at DAVID. It was like the unicorn of commercials,” explains Keith Haluska, Chief Operating Officer at MassiveMusic New York.

Guess you can’t wait to check out what these singing nipples have to say (.)(.)

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