Lancôme x TikTok: Monsieur Big

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Lancôme x TikTok: Monsieur Big

    Great lashes deserve great music.

    For the Monsieur Big challenge on TikTok, Lancôme came to us for music red carpet-worthy. The goal? Elevate its appeal with TikTok influencers through Lancôme’s digitised filters as a way of test driving its make-up products.


    The brand wanted something musically fun and flirty for its different iterations.

    Given TikTok’s popularity and the fact that this campaign would live on the platform, we needed to create something that would be equally motivating and informative.

    The in-app filters accurately represent what the real mascara can do, yet the challenge required us to create something that would match the campaign’s vibrancy.


    We knew that we needed to incorporate this expansive outlook into the accompanying music somehow. We had to think big… and then go bigger.

    Another factor to keep in mind was to highlight 3 clear transitional moments as signals of when to change the filter, and they had to be easily recognisable, even for someone non-musical.

    So, we turned up the volume and started by identifying the brand’s style and sound palette, looking at how these could fit in among popular TikTok trends


    We decided to deliver two different adaptations:

    • A 60” track to accompany sponsored influencers in videos. The objective? To let them try on the Monsieur Big make-up products for their fans and create different looks. Some of them tried to recreate Zendaya’s Lancôme Eye Look.
    • A 15” secondary asset to be used by everyday users so they could film themselves applying filters which would digitally change the make-up look on their faces by clicking a button on the app. For this one, we clearly defined 4 different sections, one per make-up filter.

    Words such as ‘bigger’, ‘better’, ‘bigger volume’, ‘bold eyes’ and ‘more is more’ were used as lyrics to convey what the mascara could do. In this case, Lancôme also requested its brand name as well as Monsieur Big, the name of the product, to be included in the lyrics.

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