La Redoute: Lou

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  • Creative Agency

    Fred & Farid

  • Director

    Géraldine Nakache

  • Production Company

    Quad Stories / Quad Group

Some stories can only be told through music.

With the story of Lou, La Redoute wanted to remind us that they’ve been at families’ side for generations – so we helped them find the perfect song to communicate this message and create some onscreen magic.


We had to find a song that would provide the perfect backdrop for the story of Lou, a teenager who’s struggling to accept the arrival of a new family member: her stepmother.

This song couldn’t just be anything from any artist. We wanted it to be at the intersection of several objectives:

  • A song that has the right colour, feeling, and lyrics to tell the story of Lou. Authentic, emotional yet not sad or dramatic, while also filled with love and with an underlying glimmer of happiness.
  • A song that would work on a 3-minute format, which is unconventional for advertising. A 3-minute ad is dangerously close to music video territory, and a music video must keep the viewer connected both with the music and the imagery throughout.
  • A song which would connect with the values of the brand and bring a breath of fresh air to its communication.
  • A song which would connect with the greater public. We needed a French artist who represented authentic values and a sincere approach to music.


Given the fact that La Redoute is a historic French brand that has been around for over 180 years, the song had to be in French. At the same time, we were looking for something authentic that would resonate with the family values of the brand and the objectives above.

Our music researchers did a deep-dive into French-speaking artists from the past and today, listening carefully to their lyrics and the meaning behind them. We were looking for a little jewel: a song which was not yet a hit, but would resonate sufficiently with contemporary audiences to draw them into the story of Lou and La Redoute.

We also knew that we wanted to go for a female singer. Not only because the movie is directed by French director Géraldine Nakache, but also because both the brand and the story of Lou are mostly targeting women. Some serious girl power going on here.


Our attention was drawn to Pomme, an emerging young talent, known for her emotional songs and genuine connection with her audience.

We soon found out that her song ‘une minute’ perfectly reflects the story of Lou.

It’s both charming and sweet, but carries a lot of emotion keeping us engaged throughout the unconventional 3-minute film format, finishing on a poignant climax.

Pomme escorts our characters throughout their complex relationship by helping to build their character arcs through music, giving the film a warm, modern, and very French feeling overall.

Let’s elevate your story through the power of music and sound.


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Pierre Carnet

Managing Director at MassiveMusic Dubai