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  • Agency

    DDB Unlimited

  • Director

    Ismael den Heuvel

  • Production Company

    Pink Rabbit

Back in 2019, the world’s oldest airline celebrated its 100th birthday with a film created by DDB Unlimited and directed by Ismael ten Heuvel.

A film that tracks KLM’s evolution from 1919 to the present day, looking back at some of KLM’s remarkable moments in time while keeping a progressive eye on the future. Classic airplanes and authentic uniforms included.

A story of three generations of women from the same family, with the first two becoming flight attendants and the third one becoming a pilot.

Guess who did the music?


KLM’s birthday film mainly puts women in the spotlight (and we love to see it), so we needed to create something that would be emotional and heroic at the same time.

Because you know us. With such a huge milestone, we had to make sure the music sounded just as legendary as the airline itself. However, the ‘new’ aspect was essential as, despite being a centenarian, KLM is modern and innovative in everything it does.


So we sat down together and thought – neoclassical music, anyone? And who can best embody classical and new at the same time?

Joep Beving was the answer. One of the most listened-to living pianists in the world. As the tallest man with the longest flowing beard on earth, he couldn’t get unnoticed.

But also, he’s a good old friend of Massive. Fun fact: for a decade, he worked at our Amsterdam office as a Strategy Director.

To highlight the ambitions, confidence and accomplishments of the women depicted in the film, we wanted the music to gradually increase, which is what we achieved by adding strings to have more dynamics whilst still keeping the piano as a foundation for the whole track.


The final result is just as beautiful as being on a flight during sunset. Soft, guiding piano notes string the whole piece together and the overall feel is nothing short of emotional, yet strong and legendary.

Besides, the fact that the musical term ‘crescendo’ means ‘growing up’ in Italian was serendipitous. That’s exactly what the women in the film – and KLM – have done, with a journey that never seems to end.

You can now listen to the piano-only version of ‘Ala’ on all streaming platforms.

Or watch the accompanying video t.

To the coolest centenarian out there: van harte gefeliciteerd, KLM.

Here’s to many more years of success and memories together ✈️

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