Kaufland: Cheap Queen

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Kaufland: Cheap Queen

  • Agency

    Heimat Berlin

  • Director

    Djawid Hakimyar

  • Production Company


Who said hip-hop anthems and supermarket deals are not a happy marriage? Nobody. Why? Probably because nobody ever thought about it before. Ha!

In this campaign for German hypermarket Kaufland, the stereotypical portrayal of supermarket shopping was reversed on its head, presented as an inspirational and even liberating experience – when one shopper couldn’t believe how much she saved while doing her groceries.


MassiveMusic Berlin was asked to create an authentic girl-power rap track to reach younger target groups with a bold and modern concept.

What did the song need to have? A naughty attitude, heavy beats, and some serious guuurl energy.

The challenge? We needed to sell the concept of the ‘professional cheap queen’ (if that is even a thing) without the music being juvenile nor tongue-in-cheek.


So we wore our shiniest bling bling gear and, together with Hamburg-based rap collective VibeKingz, we tried our best to create a killer rap anthem, borrowing elements from 90s/00s hip-hop while still making it sound fresh and modern.

The music, while serious in its execution, had to be humorous yet ambient enough to capture the spot’s style.


The video, available on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram, features a Kaufland shopper, who imagines living in luxury after saving money from shopping in Kaufland.

The result is a bangin’ music production for a sparkling campaign where the champagne flows freely and the bargains are too good to be true (yet, still true).

What we wanted to convey through music is the feeling of finally being able to afford everything that fires the imagination of the customer. In the protagonist’s fantasy, we show what she could still treat herself to if she no longer had to look after her money.

Because hey, it is always fantastically cheap at Kaufland. For us it’s been on repeat so much that we broke the play button. PS. If you start nodding your head it’s because we wanted you to do just that.

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Shai Hirschson

Global Executive Creative Director