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    2056. Welcome to a world where sports are prohibited.

    Intersport’s ambitious short film follows a young woman’s journey to find her father after he disappears. By following the breadcrumb trail he left behind, she discovers a group of kindred spirits who has rejected the rules of a totalitarian regime to secretly pursue their passion: sports.


    Intersport’s campaign is bold, thought-provoking and highly creative – just our style.

    To make Clara’s journey come to life, we were tasked with putting together a dynamic soundtrack to highlight the inspiring storyline and accentuate the different sections of the film – from the most dramatic moments to the exhilarating ending.

    With the whole clip clocking out at 10 minutes and barely any dialogue, the challenge was to keep the full length of the listening experience exciting. We also needed to match the vibe of both the plot and the visual style, so we laced our running shoes and got to work on an energising but emotionally driven track.


    The music needed to land on a smooth balance between adding feeling and energy to the film while also avoiding being predictable or melodramatic. . We decided to use a busy pad of strings that could bounce from being dissonant in moments of tension, to being uplifting for the more inspiring scenes.

    For the ending scene that sees partygoers playing in the bunker, we needed a song with some serious hype. So, we crafted a gnarly track with a deep bass-driven beat and grimy minimalist instrumentation, reflective of a true Berlin underground party.


    The final result is an exhilarating film with a soundtrack that is subtle enough to keep the attention on the plot, yet incredibly powerful to highlight the emotional highs and lows. All together, the elements lead to a delightful climax: the sunset shot of the rebel sports lovers preparing to make their next step to the sound of the dense layers of strings, cut off by Intersport’s core message: “Einmal Sport, Immer Sport – Once into sport, always into sport”.

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