got2b: No Dripping

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  • Agency TBWA

    TBWA Germany

  • Director

    Kai Kurve

We could all use a bit more colour in our lives, don’t you agree?


Henkel Beauty Care’s imagery over the last decade has encouraged generations to express themselves unashamedly, regardless of what society thinks.


With the got2b product line, the Germany-based cosmetics brand wants to colour the minds of the youth so they can show off their personality and attitude.


Connecting with Gen Z in a way that captures attention through attractive visuals and a reflectively bold sound was the goal of this campaign.

When they asked us to produce a song that really speaks the language of the consumer, we couldn’t say no. After all, we’re all about boldness and bright colours. 

Our role was to bring to the table what the new generation would whip their hair to.

The goal? To produce a fun, original and creative song that would accompany the colourful music video and highlight the attitude behind the products. Even more exciting, part of the song will become a TikTok challenge.


We decided to make use of our network and collaborate with a few artists that would totally get what we were looking for: a splash of colour (no dripping, of course) that would highlight the juxtaposition of the right music and visuals – and how this can transform an ad campaign into something much bigger than that.


Aiming to combine our knowledge of Gen Z’s music taste and preferences with the real-world experience of industry producers, we teamed up with 3 legends:

  • Director Kai Kurve, known for directing groundbreaking (music) videos
  • Vibekingz, a German collective of hip-hop producers and DJs
  • Trippie C, a new artist with a multifaceted style characterised by dark 808, provocative lyrics and Spanish elements


A catchy and engaging campaign that conveys the perfect mix of got2b’s playfulness and confidence by, once again, showing an understanding of their audience and the wish they have to embrace their personality.

But not only that – there’s also a ‘read-between-the-lines’ message that advertising should not be just advertising. That’s why we took it to the next level by uploading Trippie C’s ‘No Dripping’ song to Spotify and highlighting her profile as an artist.

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Shai Hirschson

Global Executive Creative Director