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    For most people, purchasing water is one of the most basic life choices. And when it comes to choosing what brand of water, every brand is offering the same thing, isn’t it?

    Plot twist: not when it comes to this brand.


    With the launch of Good Mood water, consumers are given another choice. A bright, happy alternative in beverage. One that gives them the hydration that water brings, with an infusion of fruit for flavour to put them in a better mood and set the tone for the day.

    This is not just a new product — this is a completely new category.

    The campaign needed to be high impact, bold, and grab consumers’ attention. They needed to understand that drinking Good Mood is ‘the good choice’ for them. The campaign video shows the two extremes: the ripple effect of positivity that happens when you choose Good Mood and the dire consequences that happen if you don’t… *foreboding music intensifies*


    ‘Good Mood’ and ‘Not Good Mood’ films did not have voice overs or dialogues to help with the narrative, which meant that everything needed to be conveyed through images and music.

    There needed to be a dynamic shift in the music to represent both moods, which meant that the music needed to be both melodically related yet worlds apart. The sound design needed to work seamlessly with the music to the point of feeling part of it.

    On paper, the story seemed complex. In reality, assigning the right set of composers proved to be the winning combination. The final track for Good Mood was universally loved on the first listen — no revisions needed. The lyrics and melodic ideas then became the inspiration for the gut-turning, indie guitar-driven ‘Not Good Mood’ opening.


    The solution came from creating the ‘Good Mood’ story first. Positive energy, melodic material and lyrical narrative in this piece then became essential elements for creative inspiration for the ‘Not Good Mood’ section.

    In the end, the sound design masterfully incorporates an alternate reality with classic foley and a number of subtle musical touches, making the soundscape more dynamic. From a chicken chirping in time with the music, to the rhythmic tea stirring from the protagonist.

    Having the sound design produced concurrently with the music production and both the music and sound design teams aligned throughout the process is what gives this project a timeless edge.

    If you’re in a ‘Not Good Mood’, we recommend you to listen to the track above. If you’re in a ‘Good Mood’, you should also definitely listen to the track. Even if it’s just to keep that spirit going.

    Let’s elevate your story through the power of music and sound.


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    Ian Lew

    Managing Director