Free a Girl: School For Justice

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  • Agency

    JWT Amsterdam

  • Director

    Juliette Stevens

  • Production Company

    New Amsterdam

The movement ‘School For Justice’ is an educational initiative that fights against human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of children.


19 former underage women between the ages of 19 and 26 who were once unwillingly involved in these horrible activities, began their studies to become lawyers.

We needed to find a way to put such powerful words and voices into music.


For this campaign, we worked on two different videos.

A longer one, focussed on the storytelling aspect of the project where the girls shared what they went through. In this, we used a melodic piano to support their moving yet empowering words.

And then a second, shorter video that explains the mission of the ‘School For Justice’ movement. Here, we incorporated Indian music influences to help convey the importance of the issue and the powerful path that the girls are taking.


This is one of the projects we’re most proud of, because of the action and plan behind the message. It’s no surprise it won a few awards in 2017.

Want to know more about this noble cause? Read this moving interview with Mallika Sherawat, actress and brand ambassador for Free a Girl India.

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