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Fox Sports NL Rebranding

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    Dan Capstick

When you think of football, you think about scoring goals, roaring crowds and festive celebrations. The sound of sport is distinct and unique.

However, each country has its own traditions. That’s what we had to keep in mind when the renowned channel Fox Sports came to us with the question if we could create the sound of Dutch football for their new channel: Fox Sports NL.


But, how do you take the established sound of Fox Sports and modify it for the newly revamped Dutch version of the channel? This was the question of all questions.

We wanted to make sure we stayed in line with the current branding, as well as take into account the desire for a distinctive raw energy approach.

Being the creative music agency that we are, we came up with an idea.


After kicking the ball from all the four corners of the pitch and passing it around to our teammates, we thought of composing a modular sound suite that could resonate with the Dutch football fans.

Taking into account the design and concise motion graphics, we moved towards staccato musical choices and strong beats to eventually create *the* new Fox Sports NL anthem.


The outcome? A whole team of musical elements ready to shine: cut-up sound design, staccato synth patterns, emotive melodies, textures and strong beats to mirror the sweeping nature of the typeface and concise motion graphics.

It portrays the Dutch ethics of the game by translating the right amount of energy and epicness whilst honouring the integrity of the original Fox Sports NL anthem, perfectly capturing the match day atmosphere.

By working closely with branding and creative agency DixonBaxi throughout, we were able to achieve the authentic and upfront sound that we feel reflects the brand’s move forwards.

Ready? We’re all warmed up and ready to kick off with a bang. Someone, blow that whistle.

Let’s make your brand massive through the power of music and sound.


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