Fiber One: Expecting

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What would it look like if men got pregnant instead of women?

Watch this ad to get the answer.


Fiber One, a brand selling products high in fiber, approached us asking if we could find some music for its funny ad.

Now, how do you go about finding music for such an ad?


We dove into our music catalogue and found the original song ‘I Just Can’t Wait to Meet You’. Fitting, right?

Then, we got in touch with nobody other than Michal Bolton – because how are we supposed to live without him?

In collaboration with Saatchi & Saatchi New York, we made sure he came to our studio and rerecorded the song to create a fitting masterpiece for this ad.

Fun fact: Michal initially also thought it was about pregnancy but how can we blame him?


As we watch our star of the commercial count down the days until he gets his relief, the re-recorded version of ‘I Just Can’t Wait to Meet You’ plays in the background.

The ad ends with the actual product – a box of cereal – because the man really should’ve eaten more fiber during his pregnancy.

Scroll up to watch the ad and hear the stunning voice of Michal Bolton.

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Shez Mehra

Head of Partnerships