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The sporting industry packs a punch: combining adrenaline and tension for an all-round immersive experience.

In 2015, we collaborated with DixonBaxi as Eurosport launched its global rebranding. That’s when we created its new dare-to-stand-out sonic identity.


Eurosport would need something that reflected the myriad of sports streamed by the network – something that breaks the norms of mainstream broadcast, while boldly evoking Eurosport’s on-demand and thorough sports coverage.

We teamed up with DixonBaxi who designed the visual elements of the worldwide refresh, whereas our London and Amsterdam offices worked together on the new sonic branding, sound design, music composition and audio post production for the campaign.

The sonic identity had to be memorable and captivating, enticing fans to follow the pace, passion and competitive nature of streamed sports. It had to document the highs and lows of sporting events, mirroring the sensation that fans feel – of being at the edge of their seats while cultivating a sense of community.


Lodewijk Pöttker, Head of Production at MassiveMusic Amsterdam, comments: “Unlike the polished, smooth branding of other channels, Eurosport dares to stand out. The combination of the music and visuals evokes a raw, direct and lively feel, where the sound design is like a sculptured foley that pulls the viewer deeper into the sports momentum.”

We recorded a number of live and percussive instruments for the campaign’s musical production, maintaining a human element by adding vocals. Alongside the music, the team created a layer of sound that pulls the viewer deeper into the ‘peak moment’, as if the viewer was alongside the athlete while at the gym, at the stadium or on the road.

We utilised our global network of experts to cope with the scale of the project and to handle the vast number of complex deliverables. With Eurosport based in Paris, the collaboration between our London and Amsterdam offices aided the cross-border relationships, tapping into a diverse pool of talent possessing the ability to cater to the different types of production needed.


A strong sonic identity powerfully builds out a brand’s connection with its audiences and we sought to ensure that Eurosport’s sound would work to engage new viewers.

Lodewijk continues: “Sonic branding is a powerful tool for telling a company’s story, and Eurosport wanted to have a mnemonic that could be used a lot without becoming irritating to the viewer, so we created a rhythmical, percussive ID in which sound design is layered on top to creative a diversity in sound across a variety of separate elements.”

Paul Reynolds, Managing Director of MassiveMusic London, adds: “We’ve been fortunate enough to work with DixonBaxi on number channel identity rebrands, including the UKTV Watch launch, as well as rebrands for UKTV Yesterday, Canal Sony and 13th Street, while our relationship with Eurosport goes back to us completing their last global rebrand in 2011. The unique relationship was one that was entirely open and collaborative, with all parties working and communicating freely together for the common goal.”

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