Dr Pepper: Crave Rider

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    Ulf Johansson

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    Lime Studios

When you’ve got a hunger for a craving, you’ve got to satisfy it – or it just won’t go away. Enacting this mentality was the brief behind this Dr Pepper campaign. The brand approached us to provide musical accompaniment for its new spot; to create something zany as a means of introducing its brand hero, CraveRider.

In the spot, he can be seen whizzing into a living room supplying cans of the carbonated fizz to relinquish thirsty chillers who desire nothing more than a sip of the sweet stuff to hit the spot.

We jumped at the chance to create something on-brand that would support the campaign’s energy and message.


Unlike other brand heroes, the CraveRider is not that well known… yet. So we were brought on to generate a buzz around him and launch him as an iconic brand character.

He needed his own song by way of introduction – something that was both fun and memorable – that would get viewers pumped up, excited and engaged with his story.


We knew that the only way to generate a buzz worthy of CraveRider was to craft something unique to him.

We got our Los Angeles team on board and they weaved and worked their magic to create a sound reminiscent of his character – something epic and wild that will make viewers believe that anything is possible.


As Ryan Lehr, EVP Executive Creative Director at Deutsch, said: “We set out to bring the idea of cravings to life in a way that was representative of the brand’s personality. Dr Pepper fans will tell you that the craving is a very unique and powerful thing, and what could be more powerful than a man riding a personal watercraft on a wave of Dr Pepper? Also, ‘crave’ and ‘wave’ rhyme, which was really helpful when it came to writing the theme song.”

CraveRider’s accompanying song contains lyrics about his ability to deliver Dr Pepper on-the-go and at a moment’s notice – fit for purpose yet displaying his fun and cheeky spirit.

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