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    If you love ice cream, you probably know Cornetto. And even if you don’t love ice cream (you ok, mate?), you probably know them.


    As part of Cornetto’s sonic identity, our goal was to help spreading the love song ‘I’m In Love’ by Krystl.


    We aimed for greatness and decided to work together with artists in local markets so that we could reach their own followers and local audiences.

    ‘I’m In Love’ quickly took on a life of its own. It became a fan favourite with many teenagers around the world who created their own delightful versions.

    That is why, the following summer, we decided to produce yet another song.


    The second song we helped spread into the stratosphere is called ‘King For One Day’ and has a 3-note sonic signature that you won’t easily forget.

    To ensure it would resonate with teenagers, we decided to team up with two influential music vloggers with a massive following: Teske de Schepper and David Choi. Combined, they have over a million subscribers. Not surprisingly, this song took off as well.


    The campaign was so popular that it generated:

    • YouTube videos: 300.000 organic views
    • Total campaign: 650.000 organic views
    • A multitude of online covers by the fans

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