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MassiveMusic is bananas about Spotify playlists.


Even more so, if they are a way for brands to increase preference and build customer loyalty whilst giving back to the audience. 


And that’s exactly what this Chiquita project embodies on a global level.


“Could you guys please curate five different playlists for the 34th most popular and the 77th most famous food & snack brand?” How could we say no? And in case you’re wondering – yes, our briefings come with fun facts.


The scope was to include a Spotify code on the iconic blue label that, once scanned, takes consumers to one of the five curated playlists.


Something that became a reality starting from April 2020, with 400 million bananas ready to be scanned all over the world.


To match the vibe of the related playlists, we also created five revisited versions of ‘Miss Chiquita’, the legendary jingle which first hit the airwaves in the 50s.


“It was a great privilege to revisit Chiquita’s iconic advertising track, known by generations of people,” says Guido Blom, Senior Music Producer at MassiveMusic. “It’s inspiring to see Chiquita still using music made 70 years ago whilst keeping it fresh for its current audience. That’s how you reinvent yourself.”



The 5 different Spotify playlists bring a whole range of great music to everyone:


🍌 Feeling Happy is a happy playlist of the latest, feelgood tracks out right now

🍌 Tropical Vibes is rooted in Chiquita’s heritage, with that great beach vibe

🍌 Smile Workout matches Chiquita bananas’ famous energy-giving benefits

🍌 The Classics brings a great mix from past decades, covering a lot of genres

🍌 Cook & Dance is a vibrant singalong with Latino elements


The project allowed Chiquita to tap into Spotify’s +250m active monthly users and be across its latest music trends and sonic tools. But it also gave the brand a chance to connect its consumers to wholesome and rewarding content that goes the extra mile – in turn creating a more nurturing relationship between the brand and its consumer.


There was also a secret Yellow Banana sticker for lucky banana eaters which provided additional access to the Yellow Banana podcast, where consumers could win desirable prizes, like a 12-month Spotify subscription or branded Bluetooth speakers.


Using music to connect banana buyers in a virtual space allowed Chiquita to explore new ways to engage their consumer base and remain ahead of its competitors and in tune with evolving demands. And of course, since its rollout in April 2020, more than 400 million bananas have supplied soothing songs to music and banana lovers all over the world. 


It’s bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. (to be read with Gwen Stefani’s voice) 

Let’s make your brand massive through the power of music and sound.


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Guido Blom

Senior Music Producer