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Rappers, cars and dope music. What could go wrong?

Let us introduce you to Centraal Beheer, an insurance company in the Netherlands with its well-known slogan ‘Just Call Us’. Standing on the side of the road when your car has broken down? Just call them. Has a tree fallen on top of your roof? Just call them.


For their 59th (!) advertisement, we were asked to create a song and related sound design.

The advertisement is a short film that includes music and acting, so we had to cast a specific actor (Young D) who could both rap and act.

Unfortunately, he isn’t always in control. This journey doesn’t go from ‘zero to hero’, this goes from ‘radio star to crashing your car’.


We worked on the related music production for the ad, in which Young D is over-excitedly showing off his brand new car to his friends.

Its Personal voice control feature seems to be the most impressive feature, but when the related song starts playing on the radio, the car starts responding to the song’s lyrics, which include phrases like “start”, “close the top” and “release the brakes”.

The car sounds were specially created for the commercial and were inspired by other voice-command applications.


The end result is a perfect mix between music, cars, fun and safety – because if anything happens, you know you can always call Centraal Beheer for help.

Insurance companies don’t have to be boring. With cool rap music and the final single ‘Honk the Horns’ by Young D even being released on Spotify, we can say that we’ve proven a point.

Let’s elevate your story through the power of music and sound.


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Lodewijk Pöttker

Executive Creative Producer