Birra Moretti: Home of Life's Simple Pleasures

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Birra Moretti: Home of Life's Simple Pleasures

  • Agency

    Havas Dublin

  • Director

    Martin Aamund

  • Production Company

    Brilliant Productions

Happiness lies in the little things, in those life’s simple pleasures that we sometimes take for granted. A cold beer, some good food, a bunch of friends to share it with.

Sure, trips to faraway locations make your bucket list look fancy, but have you ever lowered baskets from your balcony to collect food?

That, my friend, gives you all the feels.

Italy knows that. They’ve done it for centuries. Back in the days, people would lower ropes attached to baskets with money inside so the baker, butcher or fish seller on the street could place their wares inside before it got hoisted back up.


That’s the feeling that Italian beer Birra Moretti, who has been brewing with the same recipe since 1859, tried to recreate with their first-ever global campaign.

The campaign, shot in Arezzo by award-winning filmmaker Martin Aamund, features a young Italian man who ingeniously utilises a bucket, a rope and his neighbours’ community spirit to gather the ingredients for the perfect afternoon aperitivo, in exchange for an ice-cold Birra Moretti delivered to their balcony.

A moment of solidarity that reminds how Italy behaved in the initial phase of the pandemic, with people using their balconies to sing, play and give each other strength from a distance.


To elevate the story from a musical perspective, we needed the musical treatment to be 100% authentic. That’s why we asked our (Italian) Senior Global Creative Copywriter Ilaria Mangiardi to write the lyrics and sing them herself.

“It was imperative the lyrics flowed naturally and were voiced the Italian way,” says Senior Music Producer Jonny Beck. “I felt exceptionally fortunate to be working directly with wonderfully talented members of the London and Amsterdam teams, both composer and vocalist working in complete harmony (via Zoom).”


A track that is timeless, playful, energetic. It sounds contemporary while conveying a 60s/70s vibe at the same time, with peaks and troughs that allow space for the scripted dialogue.

Similes and metaphors were used for the lyrics, comparing life to swings with their ups and downs, which also supported the balcony bucket scene.

It would have been easy to fall into clichés – something we tried to avoid at all costs as we wanted it to work well for both an Italian and an international audience.

Make sure you swing to it while sipping a cold beer. And, as they say in Italy, cin cin ????

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Jonny Beck

Music Producer