Banff Centre: Things You Can't Unthink

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    Rodrigo Garcia Saiz

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    Frank Content

Successful art tends to subvert popular opinion and create unforgettable experiences for viewers.

When Canada’s home for artistic learning and creation, BANFF Centre, contacted us to create a piece of music to complement its supporting campaign, we knew we had to create something unexpected – to reflect the unlimited imaginative prowess of artists and inspire a new way of thought.

In line with the ad’s tagline: ‘Things you can’t unthink’, we went away spurred by the freedom to create something memorable.


The challenge was to create something that worked with the visuals – which were wacky and thought-provoking enough.

Finding something that landed with the video while not overdoing its abstract concept required a subtle balance and gently blending the campaign’s message with the creatives’ vision.


While researching the influence of the Banff Centre, we learnt about its extraordinary legacy promoting excellence in artistic and creative development – so we wanted to incorporate this sense into the sound.

Something that would fit jarringly with the visuals while elevating the story in a believable yet rhythmic way.

Inspired by the tagline, we played with silence and sound to generate suspense. We knew that, given the film’s setting in an art exhibition, concentrating on small detailed sounds like the crack of a knuckle would enhance the absurdity of the composition.


Once the protagonist opens his mouth, an otherworldly chant filled with throaty singing and low-pitch prolonged sounds escapes, creating an animalistic yet emotive sound – with accompanying orchestral tones to make it seem like the old man was being played through his rib cage.

Odd, creepy, provocative: this one might be a bit too much if you’re easily impressionable. Why? Because, once you watch this video, you won’t be able to unthink what you’ve just seen and listened to. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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