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    Life is all about the destination; more often than not it’s through the journey of life where interesting things happen rather than when we’ve reached our ultimate destination.

    Add a set of new car keys to the plot and the sonic accompaniment begins to get interesting.

    And when Audi got in touch asking us to complement its new web film promoting its services with a kick-ass soundtrack, we knew we couldn’t say no.


    Life happens in a car. Not only does a car transport you between destinations, but it also acts as a container for the route. And road trips are usually powered by music – playlists, CDs, compilations and podcasts; which all act as perfect road companions.

    There are songs that can make a journey even more memorable, and there are journeys that have the power to make you feel at home, even when you’re moving.

    Combining these two different factors into one soundtrack – a sense of familiarity with adventure, a dream-like sound evoking stimulation and emotion – would require us to get the balance right sonically. So we ignited our engines and got brainstorming.


    We knew from the get-go that the soundtrack had to be dreamy and reminiscent of adventures, encompassing risk and thrill through its pace and textured sounds. We wanted to create a sense of limitlessness.

    Our (former) Music Producer Isabelle Hauschildt – who took the vocals on this project – summed it up nicely. She said: “Dream on, with the world on your shoulders.”

    Evoking this sense of freedom and of being on the road without a fixed destination in mind, we worked on fine-tuning the exact accompanying sound.


    Landing on a dreamy and romantic original composition and production, like the visuals, the music also gets more impactful and stimulating by the end – to reflect the brand’s nature.

    Beginning with a high-energy soundtrack following the question – ‘where are you heading?’ – the rest of the track accelerates to a crescendo to show how anything is possible in the car once Audi has completed its servicing.

    Let’s elevate your story through the power of music and sound.


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    Tom Tukker

    Senior Music Producer