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“Intolerance is often fuelled by the unknown. By what’s considered to be different. It begins with words and can lead to physical acts of violence.”

Those words, spoken by the Anne Frank House, stand at the heart of this case.

The Challenge

The Anne Frank house had the idea of creating a project with an accompanying AR app to counter prejudices and discrimination through education. It’s called The Bookcase for Tolerance, referring to the bookcase Anne Frank hid behind while also taking the opportunity to call for more tolerance towards our fellow human beings.

Goes without saying… the project wouldn’t be complete without music. Not only does music have the ability to capture certain emotions, it also adds another dimension to an already creative project.

So we stepped in and started crafting.

The Approach

The best way to counter prejudices and discrimination? Education. The Bookcase for Tolerance project aims to achieve that by sharing Anne Frank’s story as well as modern-day personal stories of humans who struggle with similar things – although there is never direct comparison between Anne’s story and the stories of these new protagonists.

Connecting past and present while capturing the essence of the emotions in each story through music was essential. Tip van den Bos, our in-house Composer from MassiveMusic Berlin, spent hours and hours in the studio, crafting the perfect song.

While doing so, we sought to meaningfully and respectfully connect with Anne as a person by looking at the music she listened to while hiding in the annex. A section in her diary told us that Anne was captivated by composer and pianist Franz Liszt. Therefore, the beginning motif of Liszt’s ‘Consolation no 3’ was the starting point, from which we re-imagined a contemporary neoclassical piece.

The Solution

The story of Anne Frank has received various musical interpretations throughout pop culture. We crafted a piece that oscillates between bittersweet melancholy and hope, and captures the emotional essence of her story while connecting past and present.

With five stellar documentaries and an immersive AR app, The Bookcase for Tolerance campaign connects Anne’s story to thousands of people experiencing antisemitism, discrimination, prejudice and inequality.

At the top of this page, you will find a film trailer of the project. Do you want to see all the separate documentaries? Check out this playlist.

The Results

It’s likely that none of our most recent projects has won more awards than this one – although maybe the Communities for Development project comes close.

Are you ready for the results this project brought along? Here we go with some of the biggest, coolest or music-based wins:

🥉 Bronze Lion at 2022 Cannes Lions in the ‘Digital Craft | Content | Personalised Storytelling’ category
🥉 Bronze at the 2022 Shots EMEA Awards in the ‘Use of Music’ category
🥉 Bronze at the 2022 Gerety Awards in the ‘Work for Good’ category
🏆 Four D&AD pencils in various categories

That wasn’t all – there are more award wins to be proud of. Let’s list them:

🏆 ADC 2022

2x Silver in the ‘Interactive | Design For Good’ and the ‘Interactive | AR / VR / MR’ category
2x Bronze in the ‘Interactive | UX/UI | UX Design’ and the ‘Experiental | Design For Good’ category

🏆 Webby Awards 2022 

2 wins in the ‘Virtual & Remote | Diversity & Inclusion’ and the ‘Apps & Software | Best Use of Augmented Reality’ category

🏆 Dutch Creativity Awards 2022

1x ADCN member award for the project in general
1x Silver Spin in the ‘Digital | Virtual Experiences (AR&VR)’ category
1x Bronze Spin in the ‘Communications | Digital Campaigns’ category
2x Bronze Lamp in the ‘Communications | Experiental’ and ‘Craft | Writing’ category

With a staggering total of 18 awards and counting, it’s safe to say that this project has definitely been a worldwide success.

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